music hub

The non-profit. All subscription and donation revenue will go towards music performance and education.

While our tech-wizard director builds the framework for the platform, we are getting  things going on Discord! Sign up as a Founding Patron for exclusive access to musical content, with intimate performances and collaborations between BME Pros, interactive masterclasses and guest interviews

Have at your fingertips a music performance and learning community with opportunities to connect and interact with other learners and BME Pros, and showcase your music in regular events and online community challenges.


Coming with the full platform will be interactive music widgets and games, learning apps and composition tools, so you'll never find it hard to Stay Inspired!

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We believe that :

- music is good for the community,

- nobody should be excluded because of money.

​- musicians need to be paid enough to survive

The Music Hub will fund community music initiatives via The Free Music Project, paying BME Pros to deliver performances and education where it is most needed, free of charge, and streaming these exclusively on the Music Hub.