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We believe that music is good for the community, and that nobody should be excluded from attending and participating in music events because of cost.

For music events to be sustainable, musicians need to be paid enough to survive.


Subscriptions to the Music Hub at will fund our Free Music Project. Working alongside selected BME Pros in their local area, we will fund and facilitate live music performances and music education initiatives, including participatory music experiences such as choirs, ensembles and workshops.

These events will be free to the public and, whenever possible, live-streamed to the Music Hub for subscribers to watch.

By working with local partners, we will minimise equipment and premises cost, as well as environmental impact, maximise social good, and pay sustainable living-wage fees to BME Pros.

The Free Music Project will prove that a localised, community music industry is both economically and environmentally sustainable.

As grows, it will encourage and support BME Pros in the founding of Free Music Projects around the world, so if you are passionate about music, events and community, we definitely want to hear from you!